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ABC University Liberia reopened in 2008 after 12 years of civil war. The first cohort of freshmen students graduated, by God’s help, in 2012. Once again the Teaching of God’s Truth for Transformation has begun in earnest. After a rigorous assessment process the Commission of Higher Education in Liberia officially awarded ABC University with permanent university status in 2008. The campus, nestled at the base of the Nimba Mountains, makes a conducive environment for study and reflection. It’s an ideal setting as a future learning center for higher Christian education in the West African region.


The college is located in the community of Yekepa, high in the beautiful mountains of eastern Liberia. This oasis is ten hours from Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. The 22-building campus includes six residence halls, a 10,000-volume library, classroom units, staff housing, a chapel, dining hall, and one of the few gymnasiums in the country. Liberia is centrally located among a number of English-speaking countries, enabling the college to enroll students from Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria.





ABCU entrance exam (to register, candidates need to bring $10USD and 2 passport-size photos). Entrance exams are held at several sites in May and June. Admission of new students is done in August.

Candidates who pass the exam will be called for a personal interview, at which they will share their personal Christian testimony.

Candidates must present their high school diploma, and the certificate (if available) or results from either the WAEC or WASSCE exam.


It is the desire of African Bible University that every qualified student who wishes to attend the university is able to do so. Therefore, the university makes every effort to keep the cost of tuition, accommodation and meals to a minimum. ABC University is able to do this by utilizing volunteer lecturers and soliciting gifts from Christian friends and churches abroad to subsidize the cost of each student’s education. This means the tuition paid by the student does not cover the entire cost of the training provided. Please also note that tuition and fees are set annually. Current rates may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar.


The majors available at ABC University are: Biblical Studies, Education, and Mass Communication. Students majoring in Education or Mass Communication have a Biblical Studies minor. Students majoring in Biblical Studies can have a Christian Ministry, Education, Mass Communication, or Entrepreneurial Studies minor. Students majoring in Education can have a Language Arts, Mathematics, or Science specialty.









Kelvin Zumba is a 2016 graduate of ABC University Liberia who majored in Biblical studies and minored in Education He also graduated from the African Business Institute in Uganda, where he majored in Entrepreneurship . He joined our staff this semester . He teaches entrepreneurship and Maths. He’s presently working on masters degree in Business Administration at the Cutting University graduate school Monrovia.


Philip Charles is a senior student , majoring in biblical studies and minored in Mass Comm. He is doing his last course in Mass Comm. TV production.


Mrs. Tenneh Seke is our registrar. She is a graduate of the University Of Liberia, with specialty in Sociology


Newest development: Girls dormitory


Solar plates being installed for dormitory


Mrs. Linda Tarley and her husband graduated from ABCU in 2012 and 2013 respectively. She has just joined our staff as receptionist and librar


English Teacher, Professor Moses who joined the staff this August semester, 2019


Godwin Ofori-Attah, a Ghanaian who graduated from ABC Liberia in 1995 also joined the teaching staff in January, 2019. He teaches Mass Comm courses and Entrepreneurship.


Morris Williams is a 2013 graduate of ABC University Liberia who majored in Mass Comm. And minored in biblical studies. He joined the teaching staff in 2015 when Dr. & Mrs. Chinchen were in Liberia for one semester. He teaches Mass Comm. Courses and is the technician for Radio ABC Liberia. He presently teaches TV production.


Our Graduates


Darius Kerkulah is a 2016 graduate of ABC University- Liberia. Immediately upon graduation, he went directly into ministry.  As a member of the United Liberia Inland Church, Darius first joined the Equipping Leaders International (ELI) headed by former professor Chuck McArthur to train Christian leaders, pastors, and other church leaders in  Christ-centered outreach.  

He is heading the Inland School as principal in the central Nimba county town of Saclepea and is involved in a church plant. This church has grown to such a very large size that he is constructing what will be the third largest church building in the denomination.   He took the church plant project from ground zero now to a big building that can house more than 100 hundred persons.  

Darius visited the ABC-Liberia campus, his Alma Mater, for two days last week and he shared this testimony with us:

I praise God so much for this Institution. Since my graduation I am feeling the impact of the education I got from here. I was first employed by the government school where I taught Mathematics, then the church called me to teach in the school, and now I am named the principal.  With this additional responsibility, I began to feel the importance of the education ABC gave me. I am servant leader. Most of my salary I spend on the church plant, since I am not married. 

Being a pastor and principal is really challenging, but I learn to depend on God. You can be like me.  You only need come to ABC University Liberia to be trained for the task.


Mathias Suomie is a 2017 graduate who is being used mightily by God in this nation.  While he was in school here at ABCU, he was also employed by the government of Liberia, working as a drug enforcement agent.  Immediately upon graduation he was promoted to the post of Drug Abuse Prevention for several inland counties. 

Mathias goes to schools to speak to young people about the negative impact of drug abuse. In addition, he goes to various churches and speaks to the youths there as well.  This is how Mathias shared his brief testimony:

At first I was working for money to support me in school.  Through this I developed the passion for the youths of our nation. It is not enough to arrest them and keep in jail for few days.  What will help them is to educate them on the danger of the substance they are consuming. When the government saw that I was going the extra mile in the discharge of my duty, I was given a new motorcycle to expedite my work. I am doing this because the future of our Country is in the hands of today’s youths. If they continue to live on drugs, there will be no good future leaders. I am doing this also as a ministry that God has called me into.

Mathias has been on the ABCU Liberia campus and talked to the students and staff. The goal is to encourage the staff and students to join the fight against drug abuse.