Please keep in mind that the following list is geared more towards long term missionaries but can also be applicable to short term missionaries.

  1. Flashlight

  2. Portable phone charger

  3. Outlet converter

  4. Backpack

  5. Mosquito repellent

  6. Candle

  7. Zip lock bags

  8. Bedding (ABC does provide bedding but we encourage you to bring your own if possible).

  9. Sunscreen (and a beach towel for staff members who are staying for 1 year or more)

  10. It is always a good idea to bring your favorite hygiene products as the brands in Africa will in most cases be different than the ones from your home country. Also items that are imported in are more costly.

  11. We suggest bringing a transformer (1,500-3,000 V Step-down transformer 220-110).

  12. A hat

  13. Portable speaker (for those of you who enjoy listing to music).

  14. Dark colored tennis shoes

  15. Filter water bottle

  16. Tupperware

  17. Jeans / pants

  18. Ladies, modest shorts

  19. Cocktail attire for formal functions

  20. Business attire for speaking engagements / formal meetings

  21. Ladies! African women LOVE to get dressed up so bring some wedges or heels for special occasions.

  22. Gentlemen! African men also appreciate looking sharp or as they say in Malawi “smart” so bring a nice suit and tie for the occasion.

  23. Jackets sweaters (yes it can get cold in Africa!).

  24. Rain jacket (applicable if you are in country during rainy season).

  25. Boots, great for traveling in rural areas.

  26. If you have favorite pens, notebooks, or any other office supplies bring them.

  27. Portable battery operated projector.

  28. Water proof and mud proof gear is ideal.

  29. A swim suit (definitely bring googles and cap if you are traveling to our ABC Malawi campus during their summer time). There are no specific rules on the type of suit you need to wear. During work hours at the ABC Malawi pool we encourage staff to wear appropriate sport swimming attire.

  30. If you plan on staying long term and enjoy working out bring work out clothes.

  31. We encourage staff to give gifts to their African friends rather than money so feel free to bring gifts for the friends you make. If you would like to financial support a fellow friend or student please read our packet on “Loans and Handouts”.

  32. An attitude that is willing to grow, learn and engage in the culture you are entering into! Remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength.