African Bible College Malawi Awarded Candidate Status by TRACS

I am very pleased to share with you the tremendous good news that today, after our meeting with the Board of TRACS in Orlando, African Bible College Malawi was awarded Full Candidate Status to be an Accredited Institution of TRACS(Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & Schools).  This is a huge and important milestone for ABC.  Achieving Candidate Status means we have met all the requirements of an Accredited university, and within the next 18 months will receive our Certificate of Accreditation.

This was truly an ABC TEAM EFFORT.  We had staff in Uganda (Marcelo Vieira), Malawi (Dr Maggie Madimbo and her entire faculty), and in the US (Lydia Smith & Brandon Cozzolino) all pulling together to complete and comply with TRACS’ Institutional Standards in preparation for our meeting this morning.  Many, many thanks to every single person to contributed to this effort.  The Vice President of TRACS, Dr Ron Cannon, twice made the comment that what we had accomplished by successfully addressing 54 of the 59 Recommendations made by their TRACS Site Visit Team in January was, “Unheard of!”

It was a great joy to be at the meeting this morning with my son-in-law and ABC Stateside Office Manager, Brandon Cozzolino, and receive the good news directly from the TRACS Board, but also a bit intimidating.  There are 18 Presidents and Provosts of Christian colleges and universities on the TRACSBoard.  The room was set up like a congressional hearing, with Cozz and I seated at the far end speaking into table mics.  But after asking questions related to African Bible Colleges, its founding, its purpose and its faculty their Board could not have been more gracious and encouraging.  ABC Malawi is the first African university to be accredited by TRACS, (they already have institutions accredited in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guam and in Europe), so they are very proud to have ABC included as one of their institutions.  The Chairman of the Board is the President of Luther Rice Seminary, and was especially proud to hear that the Co-Founder of ABC — my mother Nell Chinchen — is a Luther Rice graduate!  Additionally, the Vice Chairman of TRACS is a Kenyan, Dr Benson Karanja, who was especially encouraged to have an African university finally accredited by TRACS. 

Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for our meeting with the TRACS Board, and who have been praying our ABC team through this process.  This is indeed a great milestones in the history of the mission. Our accreditation by TRACS will be so helpful to our students as they apply to enter Masters and Doctoral programs outside of Africa.  It will make it possible for exchange students from the US and Europe to be able to immediately transfer credits back to their home universities.  Additionally, it will make it possible for ABC to launch a fully accredited and internationally recognized online program that will make it possible for us to offer sound Biblical teaching, and respectable college courses to students in the other 50 countries in Africa where we do not have a physical campus.  

We give God all the praise and glory for this wonderful day!

Paul Chinchen