I come from Salima, the Central Region of Malawi. We have eight children in my family and I am the seventh child. I have three brothers and four sisters. I am the only child that God has favored to have an opportunity for tertiary education in my family. I have a special reason that made me come to ABC. I was born and raised in a Muslim family and up to date my siblings are Muslims. I believe that God deliberately chose me out of my whole family to serve him and proclaim his name to my family and the whole nation. Hence I came here to ABC in order to be equipped with Christians and also to get more knowledge of Christianity. After graduation, I want to use the knowledge I will get here to spread the Gospel. I also want to work with Christian Ministries especially those that work with children to give them hope and quality education so that one day they will have an opportunity to stand as a well equipped pillar of Christ. My relationship is very strong, I really believe that Jesus is my redeemer in times of trouble. I have seen him rescuing me in many wars that would have ruined my future. In my free time, I like reading the Bible, novels, making new beneficial friends and playing football.