Please carefully read the information below

Monthly commitments are ongoing. When a student graduates we assign a new student.  Sponsors are kept informed every step of the way and can terminate a commitment at any time through a simple phone call or email.

Website users can select the student directly benefitting from their gift.

Sponsors can expect to receive 2 or more updates a year from “their student.”

If a sponsored student graduates or  withdraws from ABC or from this program, a new student will be selected by ABC to benefit from the existing commitment.

Monthly gifts received from July 1 through the following June are applied to the school year that occurs in between those months.

One Time Gifts are applied to the current school year (as reckoned from July to June). As with monthly gifts, any amount which exceeds the student’s need or enrolment at ABC will be put in the General Sponsorship Fund to benefit the student body at large.

Sponsorship percentages are calculated based on actual tuition costs in US dollars.  For Liberia it is $2600.  At Uganda tuition is $2900 and at Malawi it is $3200. Students are responsible for the difference between the amount raised and the total tuition costs. Housing and meals are included in tuition prices.

  • At the moment, only students in Malawi and Liberia are available for immediate sponsorship.  We look forward to adding Uganda students in the future.


You may sponsor a student for any length of time, so long as the student remains eligible for sponsorship.  Simply let us know when you’re ready to stop.

Through our site, we provide EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) and Credit Card giving options.  The bank charges an additional fee for credit card processing.

We provide suggested giving options for quarter, half or full sponsorships.  If you have another amount in mind, please just let us know.

One-time gifts can be any amount.


Contact Corey Conkright at ABC’s West Coast Development Office  (602) 694-7605



We want to help make this process as clear and easy as possible, please contact us if you have any questions at all regarding our sponsorship program.