how it all began

The vision for Christian colleges in Africa began in the hearts of Dr. and Mrs. John W. Chinchen. After spending seven years training pastors in the interior of Liberia, the Chinchens realized the great need for a Bible College that would meet the educational and spiritual needs of the multitude of high school graduates emerging from an awakened Africa. In 1976, the vision became a reality when the Chinchens established Liberia’s first four-year Bible College. The college was designed to hold the highest international university standards and meet the qualifications to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.

As the graduates in West Africa proved the value of quality Christian education, it became imperative that this same ministry be made available to other parts of Africa. Thus, in 1988, African Bible Colleges established a second institution 4,000 miles away in the East African country of Malawi. By November of that year three missionary families were on the ground in Lilongwe to begin work on the new college. The official ground breaking was on December 12, 1989″ two weeks later the civil war began in Liberia.

ABC Liberia managed to stay open on and off during the early years of the war, but in 1992 the college was forced to close down completely for the next 16 years.

Seventeen years later, in 2005, the third African Bible College was opened in the equatorial country of Uganda. Then in November of 2008, after two years of clearing brush and the complete renovation of staff houses, dormitories, classrooms, offices and dinning hall the original Liberia campus was once again up and running. 

Today African Bible Colleges has nearly 800 graduates serving in a wide spectrum of Christian ministries from program production at TransWorld Radio, orphan care with Children of the Nations, leadership positions at Campus Crusade (Life Ministries), and HIV ministries with World Relief, to planting churches in the former communist stronghold of Mozambique. ABC graduates are proving to be a key component in the evangelization and transformation of Africa.