ABC University Liberia reopened in 2008 after 12 years of civil war. The first cohort of freshmen students graduated, by God’s help, in 2012. Once again the Teaching of God’s Truth for Transformation has begun in earnest. After a rigorous assessment process the Commission of Higher Education in Liberia officially awarded ABC University with permanent university status in 2008. The campus, nestled at the base of the Nimba Mountains, makes a conducive environment for study and reflection. It’s an ideal setting as a future learning center for higher Christian education in the West African region.


The college is located in the community of Yekepa, high in the beautiful mountains of eastern Liberia. This oasis is ten hours fom Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. The 22-building campus includes six residence halls, a 10,000-volume library, classroom units, staff housing, a chapel, dining hall, and one of the few gymnasiums in the country. Liberia is centrally located among a number of English-speaking countries, enabling the college to enroll students from Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria.




The majors available at ABC University are: Biblical Studies, Education, and Mass Communication. Students majoring in Education or Mass Communication have a Biblical Studies minor. Students majoring in Biblical Studies can have a Christian Ministry, Education, Mass Communication, or Entrepreneurial Studies minor. Students majoring in Education can have a Language Arts, Mathematics, or Science specialty.


You may have come to ABC University with a clear sense of your calling to ministry. Then again, you may have a little sense of the kind of ministry for which the Lord is preparing you. Whatever your state of mind and heart are, the university's goal is to provide an opportunity for self-evaluation and analysis before you commit yourself to a career.

Several courses of study have been developed to meet a wide range of student needs for basic and advanced preparation for Christian ministry. Above is a listing and description of our four colleges. Feel free to meet the Dean of Academic Affairs for advice about the different degree programs.