The chief aim of African Bible Colleges, Inc. (ABC) is to train Christians in Africa for pastoral ministry, Christian service and leadership skills relevant to the continent. ABC is also committed to proclaiming salvation through Christ only, spreading the good news of the Word of God, and maintaining, preserving, perpetuating and uplifting Christian principles.








The Need: Many children in Liberia do not have shoes, and are therefore exposed to risk of burns, cuts, other injuries, infection, and disease as well as discomfort and shame associated with not having shoes.


The Campaign: Vice President of Liberia Joseph Boakai and his “Patriots for Liberia’s Transformation” organization have invited African Bible Colleges to partner with him in providing for the needs of barefoot children in Liberia through the Campaign for Barefoot Children in Liberia. ABC will be collecting children’s shoes through many of our partner churches in the US. We will also be accepting monetary donations with which to purchase shoes and fund this campaign.


Here is all you have to do:

1. Organize a shoe drive this Spring or early Summer to collect new or lightly used shoes. 

2. Keep the shoes until we send our team to pick up the shoes and prepare them for shipment to Liberia during the month of July. 

3. Include a monetary donation too. We are asking the churches that participate to provide a financial donation (in the amount of approximately $2 per pair of shoes donated) to help with the cost of shipping the shoes to Liberia and distributing them.


To make a donation to this campaign click the DONATE button, then enter the amount of your donation and select “Campaign for Barefoot Children in Liberia” from the drop down fund menu.



in Malawi, Africa


African Bible Colleges is raising money for a girls dormitory in Malawi, Africa. Our campus is blossoming in Malawi and with the growth of students at our campus we are in great need of a girls dormitory to house our girls. We are so close to our goal of 300k! 


We are genuinely grateful for all the generous donations we have received so far and are excited to announce we are over 50% to meeting our goal. Please help make a gift today by clicking on our "Make a gift today!" button. 





Stay connected


Dear ABC friends & family,

We are excited to share with you our new peer-2-peer campaign launch!

For those of you who don't know what peer-2-peer fundraising is, the basic premise is that it allows people to partner with others via their social media networks to support various causes. This method has proved to be very effective in gaining support for many different causes, and we are hoping it will be a great way to help raise funds for our students and for various other needs at our ABC campuses.

Below you will find our 4 current peer-2-peer campaigns. We hope that you will visit each campaign site to learn more, to support, to share it with others on your social media networks, and also to find out how you can start your own campaign!

We greatly appreciate your support!

Paul Chinchen

President of African Bible Colleges