Children under two years only pay lO% of the adult fare and are aliowed one suitcase. lnfantsare ailowed to check their stroller, car seat or day bed free of charge. Children between 2 and 12 years old pay 67% of the adult fare.

We suggest checking prices using British Airways to London to Johannesburg to Lilongwe and also South African Airways to Johannesburg to Lilongwe. Please be aware that there are no direct flights to Lilongwe, and for every trip you take through Johannesburg you may have to spend the night. We recommend that if you do have to spend the night in Johannesburg, you make reservations to stay at the lntercontinental Hotel. This hotel is within very short walking distance of the airport. City Lodge is also located within the airport and it is very safe as well.

When you book your tickets, ask for the missionary fare and for an additional checked luggage allowance (the home office will furnish a letter asking for luggage allowance). The airlines that fly into Lilongwe, Malawi are: Malawian Airways South African Airways, Kenyan Airways, and Ethiopian Airways.

If required please make sure you have your visa stamped in your passport. For short term missionaries (in country for 30 days or less) we suggest a 30 day visa; for long term missionaries, we suggest a multiple entry visa along with a TEP. For information on visa’s and TEP’s please visit the campus location page you are traveling to.

We suggest you pack ALL your valuables in your carry on luggage. Cell phones, cameras, iPods, iPads and computers need to be carried in your carry on and not in your checked luggage. Occasionally airlines will ask to take your hand luggage at the door of the plane, but we strongly advise you not to do so. lf you do give up your hand luggage pull out all electronics. Remember, only TSA locks are accepted on luggage.

Scroll to the bottom of this web page to view the addresses of each one of our ABC campus locations.

Home Office Mailing Address:

AFRICAN BIBLE COLLEGES: PO. Box 103, Clinton, MS 39060


You should travel with $500 in cash at least.  Make sure bills are 100's or 20's.  All American bills have to be dated after the year, 2006 (the bills used nowadays have bigger heads than the old bills).  Otherwise, banks will not accept your dollars.

  • Get to the airport early (2-3 hours) and check in as early as you can.

  • If you have extra luggage, be prepared to pay $250 per extra bag or overweight fees.  You get two 50 lb bags.  Try to find someone nice and let them know you are doing missionary work.

  • Check your luggage straight through to your final destination.  MAKE SURE YOU KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BAGGAGE RECEIPTS. Very important for tracking down your luggage if it does get lost. When you land in a different country (i.e. South Africa, London, etc.) check at one of the desks to make sure your luggage is STILL checked through to Lilongwe.  If you paid for extra bags, show them your receipt to prove you ALREADY paid. Remember you are flying internationally and you are allowed two pieces of luggage.

  • Try to sit toward the front of the plane.  They put children and babies in the back.

  • Put your passport and money in a carryon and lock it on the plane.  

  • Never leave your boarding pass or passport in the seat pocket in front of you.

  • Take socks, because few airlines provide them anymore.

  • Make sure to wear shoes when going to the bathroom on the plane.

  • Drink water and juice on the plane.  Eat what they give you when it’s served because you don’t know where you could get stuck or if there will be any good restaurants in your next terminal.

  • Upon request on international flights, airlines usually provide snacks at the back of the plane.

  • Make friends and BE FRIENDLY to all flight staff and travelers.  

  • The nicer you dress the better you may be treated.  Women CAN wear pants off the plane in Malawi, shorts are not appropriate.

  • Never eat with your seat leaning back – this is considered very rude on flights.

  • Try to sleep.  The more rest you get before you land, the less you will struggle with jet lag.

  • When checking in it is wise to be friendly. Many times airlines personnel have the expectation that you are there to make their job more difficult but as many of us know it is hard to be unkind to someone who is loving. Make sure you have your visa stamped in your passport ahead of time. Please visit our information page on each one of our campuses to familiarize yourself with visa requirements. Upon request (it is your responsibility to ask the home office for this letter), have a letter from the home office with you before you leave.  

  •  Mention when asked, “I am a missionary volunteer partnering with African Bible College”.

  • Aggressiveness is a common trait among many Africans.  Get in ANY line no matter what the signs say. It doesn’t matter in Malawi.

  • Be friendly.  Tell them you are a new volunteer for the ABC Christian Academy or ABC.  Mention Radio ABC or Bible College by Radio.  Ask if they know Dr. and Mrs. Paul Chinchen.  Tell them how nice the weather is.  Tell them how much you are looking forward to being in Africa.  Ask them how to say hello.  Malawians LOVE to have conversations and they will welcome your kindness and sincerity.

  • Push your own luggage unless your host family says its okay for someone else they brought to help you.

  • Bring a change of clothes for the long trip.  You will want to be fresh when you land and accidents can happen when traveling.  

  • Pack all valuables and electronics in your carry on. Never give up your carry-on in South Africa.


Use TRAVISA to order a passport or VISA for the country you are traveling to.


We strongly recommend that U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Malawi enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at www.Travel.State.Gov.  STEP enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the U.S. embassy to contact you in the case of an emergency. 

For the latest security information, U.S. citizens traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department of State's Internet website at travel.state.gov where the Worldwide CautionCountry Specific InformationTravel Warnings, andTravel Alerts can be found.

The U.S. Embassy in Lilongwe is located at:

U.S. Embassy, Lilongwe, Malawi

Area 40, Plot 24, Kenyatta Drive, Box 30016, Lilongwe 3

 U.S. Embassy Lilongwe is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Friday 7:30 am to 1:30 pm,Telephone:  1773166.

If you are a U.S. citizen in need of urgent assistance, the emergency number for the U.S. Embassy is 0999960178.


Travel Leaders/Main Street Travel

  • ATTNI Beverly
    2589 NE 33rd Street

  • Fort Worth, TX 

  • Phone - 81 7-820-1415

  • Toll Free - 800-654-49S5

  • beveriy@mainstreettravel.com

lntermissions World Travel

  • ATTN; Rick Lewis

  • 2752 Pleasant Road, Suiie i02

    Fr. Mill, sc 29708

  • Phone - 803-262-5004

  • infor@intermissionsworlcitravel.com

Missionary Travel Service {MTS)

  • ATTN: Ephrata

  • Lancaster County, PACorporate Headquarters

  • Phone -717-733-4i51

  • ephrata@mtstravel.com

Protea Travel Seryices

  • ATTN: Marion

  • Toll Free - 888-927-5255

Ulendo Safaris

  • ATTN: Kisa

  • Lilongwe, Malawi

  • kisa@ulendo.net

Land and Lakes Safaris

  • ATTN: Daniel

  • Lilongwe, Malawi

  • info@landlake.net