As an organization we strive to respect and honor you. In return we expect the same professional approach of behavior. ABC is anti-gossip organization. Gossip is unbiblical and hinders the witness of the mission. Staff who consistently participate in gossip may be asked to reconsider their service with ABC. You have the right to voice your opinion and the responsibility to do so in line with appropriate procedure. Living above reproach is what ABC advocates (1 Timothy 3:2-6).


“Make the harder right than the easier wrong” - President Thomas S. Monson.

A statement frequently used to encourage US Military participants to operate out of integrity even if that individual stands alone. Standing alone in a decision or action when it goes against the vast majority of a crowd is indeed extremely hard but similar to the world we live in this is the life we live as Christians. When you join our ABC team we expect you as a believer to posses a character of integrity. To do the right thing when no one else is watching. We expect you to operate out of Christ’s character. Christ is for unity not disunity. God is a God of order. God is never hasty in his decision making, he always has a purpose and intentional plan. God is a Father that never wavers on his commitment(s) to his children. He always forgives and unconditionally loves.


Our world has significantly evolved into a technology centered world. The advancement of technology is something ABC celebrates for the many beneficial functions that it has presented. Through media ABC has had the opportunity to spread the news about what God is doing in Africa through African Bible Colleges. Media has also provided the opportunity to connect with missionary staff, faculty, and leaders. The vast advancement of technology has been a HUGE blessing to our Mission Hospital in Malawi and each one of our radio and TV stations. Media in many cases can be a blessing but media can also be an unfortunate hindrance in ministry. In line with our Code of Conduct to live above reproach ABC has guidelines for appropriate behavior on media that we ask you to follow.

  • ABC has the right to monitor all social media platforms of missionary staff. These include: blog postings, instagram account, Facebook account, twitter account, snapchat account and any other media related accounts.

  • ABC has a no drinking and no smoking policy on each one of our campus locations. If content is posted on any of your social media accounts during the duration of your stay with ABC, ABC has the right to ask you to take down any offensive postings or photos.

  • ABC does not converse in political conversations via social media. ABC has the right to ask you to take any offensive postings down.

  • ABC does not attend political rallies.

Once you join our ABC team your email address will be added to the missions newsletter send outs. Your subscription is consequential during your time with ABC. You are responsible for reading all information sent out by the mission.


African Bible Colleges encourages healthy mentorship especially among our younger generation of missionary volunteers. If there is a desire for you as a missionary staff member to be mentored we ask that you prayerfully consider a mentor by seeking insight and wisdom from the Lord. Not every person is safe a option for you to open yourself up to and as an organization we advocate for healthy, godly and mature relationships. If you are unsure on how to go about being mentored or even becoming a mentor to someone else please view the following appropriate guidelines.

  • Ask and you shall receive says the Lord. The first step to seeking out a mentor or becoming a mentor yourself is intentionally praying over this desire. Present your request to the Lord and ask for his guidance in prayer and from his word.

  • The purpose of a Christian mentor is to guide, council, and point you closer to God. Mentorship is an avenue used to help model Christ like behavior and guidance towards loving truth. Mentorship also invites a mentee to do life with him/her.

  • ABC strongly encourages same sex mentoring, as this is both appropriate and beneficial for your mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

  • One If the most important things to look for in a mentor is their integrity and willingness to make themselves available to you.

  • Find someone you can trust and who has a track record who other people speak highly of. Someone who is kind in all action, even in the mundane. Someone you look up to and love what they do in the world.

  • ABC has discovered that the most beneficial mentoring experiences are individuals who seek out an older mentor within their church community. We encourage all our ABC missionary staff to get connected to a local church during your time overseas.


Now that we have mentioned a few suggestions on what to look for in a healthy mentorship we also want to present signs to look out for in a unhealthy mentorship.

  • When someone approaches you and asks to mentor you, while this may feel flattering be alert and prayerfully seek the intentions of why you were approached by this individual.

  • When you discover you are continually being approached by someone of the opposite sex and experience lengthy emotion based conversations, be alert and prayerfully seek the intentions of this individual. Whether you realize it or not private and extensive conversations between the opposite sex produces an intimate emotional and sometimes even spiritual bond. If you notice a frequent pattern in this type of behavior from an individual our discretion is to discontinue interactions. Even in dating you should be cautious of this type of behavior as it is found best appropriate between a husband and wife.

  • A mentor should be someone who models the type of Christ like behavior you long to grow/ be lead in. Be aware of a mentor who eagerly gossips over frustrations with you instead of challenging you to operate out of the fruit of the spirit and directing you towards God’s word.

  • Be careful of a mentor who is “too invested” where they want to know too much and things that are irrelevant to the area you are mentored in (this type of behavior is an indication of poor boundaries).

  • Be aware of someone who is manipulating their influence with you. Mentors should be grounded so much in who they are that they give away what they have for free.

  • A mentor who pushes you to provide information that you are either unwilling or not ready to share is a red flag.

  • Just as Christ advocates for reconciliation and transformation throughout his word so should your mentor. If your mentor is not encouraging you to forgive or asking to be a accountability partner in your life then chances are your mentor many not be ready for the large responsibility of mentoring.

  • Be careful of the sharing of God’s word out of context. Verses can easily be manipulated and shared in a inappropriate manner. ABC encourages you to intentionally study God’s word. If you need guidance on how to go about studying the Bible please visit for study tips.



Many of our ABC staff receive “other duties as assigned” in their contracts. The need is great overseas in Africa and many times you will be asked to participate in things that go beyond your job description. The reality is if you do not step up to the plate when needed the job may not get done. We are asking for each and every ABC team member to have a posture of humility and understanding when the mission organization ask you to do more than what is written in your job description.